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Dave and I went to St. Thomas and Tortola over Thanksgiving this year.  We visited with my friend Kathy and stayed at her hotel, The Tamarind Club, www.tamarindclub.com, on Tortola.   We had a wonderful stay and would highly recommend it to anyone looking for a relaxing vacation.   Here are the photos from the trip. 

This is the view of the largest part of the hotel.  It is a small 9 room hotel that is located near Josiah Bay on the North side of Tortola.  They've just remodeled and it's so nice and relaxing.  

This is the bar where we spent a lot of time with Dalton (pictured) and Clint, Kathy's nephew.  When asked what you want to drink, don't say "um".... you'll be sorry!!  The open air restaurant is to the right and serves some of the best food anywhere.  We didn't bother going anywhere else!  Try the scallops, lamb, crab burgers, roti and just about anything else there.  It's all wonderful!

This is a view of the pool from the upstairs balcony.  This becomes the social hot spot after Sunday brunch.  Everyone eats and then hangs out by the pool. 

There is a cool little bridge that goes over the pool.  You can dive off of it into the deep end or swim under it to get to the swim up bar.  You can see the barstools in the water to the left.

Another view of the swim up bar from the upstairs balcony.

This is the beach at Josiah Bay about a mile down the road.  It was not very crowded at all and is very much a surfer beach.  There's also a nice beach bar there - talk with Naomi.  She also serves burgers and other stuff.

View out into the bay.  This was taken at the far end of the beach.  Most of the surfing was down to the right.   We spent a lot of time just watching the surfers. 

And another view of the water splashing on the rocks at the end of the beach.  We also found all kinds of neat shells at this end of the beach. 

Kathy's neice, Katie, is a dolphin trainer there at the Dolphin Discovery where you can swim with the dolphins.  Here she is having this dolphin "walk" backwards.  I attempted several other shots, but it's hard to catch them in air! 

And here is one of the dolphins looking up at us.  They were really neat to watch and seemed to want you to jump in with them.  We didn't this time, but I'd love to do that next time!

As if Kathy wasn't doing well enough with the great hotel right down the road from a great beach, she and her husband are also building a new house.  This is the view to the northwest!!!  Can you imagine waking up to this everyday?!!

And this is the view to the north east!  Beef Island and the airport are in the righthand side of the photo.  I'm soooo jealous!